The BPC style ball table is built as a complete section that can be utilized as a free standing unit or coupled to existing sections of gravity roller conveyor and are typically used as transition or positioning areas within the line. The frames are designed to accept standard LEWCO supports.


WIDTH: 9″ to 51″

LENGTH: 12″ to 120″


  • 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″
  • Dense (1.81′ x 1.56″)
  • 3″ Staggered

BALL TRANSFER: Standard 1″ diameter steel ball transfer with 1/4-20 UNC stud

mount. Optional ball transfers include stainless steel surface, nylon surface, and
steel surface with flange.


  • Formed 12ga. steel channel rails with 12ga. formed pans.
  • Butt couplers for frame connections

LOAD CAPACITY: Varies based on how many balls the product will be in contact with at any given time. With an evenly distributed load, it’s generally safe to use 4x the capacity of an individual ball as the total table capacity.

BALL TABLE COLOR: Powder coated blue (RAL 5017). Click HERE to see other standard color options. Custom colors also available.


  • Height Elevation: 10″ to 48″ (top of ball)
  • Adjustable height supports (model SPM, SPH or SPL)
  • Adjustable height supports on 5″ casters (model SPHC5) with leg-ties
  • 4″ formed channel jack bolt supports, adjustable 1 to 2″ (model SPJ4 or SPJ4A)
  • Floor supports can be provided on 5′ or 10′ centers. It is recommended that conveyors wider than 32″ have supports on 5′ centers. It is also recommended that conveyors with height elevations above 35″ use knee braces (model KB17)


  • 12ga. formed steel angle guardrail available in heights from 2″ to 4″ on one or both sides

End Stop:

  • Attached to butt coupler on frame rails. Available in 12ga. or 8ga. (model ESTOP1)

Ball Table Cover Plate

  • 12ga. formed steel
  • Note: not intended for walking on