Model PUBS1 pop up blade stop can be used to hold product on a gravity conveyor line prior to a work area. It can also be used with an RB or RBB roller brake as part of an escapement mechanism.

Model: PUBS1


MOUNTING: Escapement frame bolts on to webs of conveyor frame.

BLADE STOP: 3/8″ plate connected to air cylinder.

OPERATION: Extending the cylinder engages the escapement stop.

CYLINDER: Double acting 2″ bore x 2″ stroke pneumatic cylinder.

AIR REQUIREMENTS: Standard requires 30-40psi of clean, filtered, regulated air
at consumption of approximately 0.005 cubic feet per cycle. Optional valve and
filter/regulator/lubricator available. NOTE: Pressure loss can occur over extended periods with no use.

COLOR: OSHA safety blue powder (RAL 5017). All guarding is yellow (RAL 1023) and moving parts are bright red orange (RAL 2008). Optional colors available.